(Get Results in Transition)

Helping Service members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their loved ones to achieve success during the transition and post-military life

What is GRIT?

GRIT is a mobile app experience backed by leading-edge technology designed to help Service Members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves, Caregivers, and their families:
For many Veterans, families, and caregivers, the last two years have been rough. New social norms and massive changes to the traditional workplace have impacted military to civilian transitions. Others are engaged in conversations in our homes and communities around issues of stress, burnout, and anxiety. As we look to the future, we must maintain and build resilience to bounce back, emerge more vital, and meet new opportunities.
GRIT, which stands for Get Results in Transition, was designed to help our Service Members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their loved ones to achieve success during the transtion and post-military life by:
As your privacy is very important to us, please see GRIT's privacy policy.
If you are a NOS pilot participant and will opt in to use your Squad to support this initiative, please see the NoS policy statement.

GRIT Features

The GRIT app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and offers a number of cutting- edge features.
Employment Fulfillment

According to Veterans, the number one concern when transitioning is finding a job and landing the right job can be more challenging than it appears. GRIT Employment module personalizes job searching using Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our aggregator of 51k job sites to provide more than 198k new job opportunities daily for all businesses with a NAICS code.

Additional features include:
  • Helping users create an employment profile consisting of their Occupational Specialty Code(s), resume, desired job location, and industry type(s)
  • Pulling all associated military skills from ONET and converting them into skills that are marketable today
  • Matching skills against all jobs in the job corpus of over 2.5M jobs and providing a personalized job recommendation list, then enabling users to apply to relevant job opportunities immediately
  • Digital Assistant trained to assist with employment resources, including help creating a resume and cover letters, preparing for an interview, and job searching tools.
Mind Gym

Everyone understands the need to stay physically active, and mental health is just as important as physical health. The Mind Gym intends to help our users get and stay mentally fit. The Mind Gym provides self-awareness and self-care without the stigma. Uses clinically validated tools to evaluate a user's state of mind and ability to cope with the challenges they face every day.

The app delivers daily practices through mobile games, exercises, and techniques like breathing and meditation to help users:
  • think more clearly
  • better manage emotions
  • deepen resilience
  • master their stress
  • and nudge them to an increasingly positive mindset
The Mind Gym also screens for PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, and social phobia.
Digital Self

Measurable improvements keep us on track. GRIT uses technology to aggregate personalized data to create a digital representation of the individual, a “digital self.” GRIT gets to know each person individually based on information provided safely and securely through the app and offers insights and support to encourage individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Your Digial Self will track:
  • Your Mind Gym progression to see how your mental fitness has changed over the past month and identify the specific areas of improvement and those that may need a little more focus.
  • All of the activities completed within the app and associated badges earned
  • Your mood patterns over 30-, 60-, and 90-day periods
And remember, we collect the minimum amount of information needed, keep that information confidential and protected, and never share it with anyone.

Social engagement and a sense of community are critical components of emotional well-being. GRIT allows each user to assemble a squad, a network of close friends, family members, and allies that can provide support, motivation, and social connectedness.

Users can add members to their squad directly from their contacts or can manually enter in the squad member’s name, mobile number, and email address. As a user builds their squad, the app promotes social connectedness and caring contact by:
  • Encouraging users to directly call or text their squad members from within the app
  • Providing intervention in the moment by engaging squad members to connect with their person during a difficult time or situation
The squad works in connection with the user's coping score that is created from Mind Gym assessment results, conditional screenings, and daily mood scores. If a user's coping score suggests they may be veering towards depression, loneliness, or hopelessness, the app will text members of the squad and suggest they reach out to the user with the intent of caring contact meant to increase social connection and a sense of community. GRIT will share no information about the user's activity within the GRIT app and no personal data with the squad.
Digital Assistant

The right resource when you need it. GRIT uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a Digital Assistant that can respond directly to your questions and requests by providing support resources anytime.

Are you looking for employment resources? Need help managing your work-life balance? Are you trying to locate health facilities or Veteran Service Organizations in your area? The digital assistant has been trained in many areas, including employment and mental fitness, and can help you prepare for an interview to find new ways to increase your work-life balance. Just ask the digital assistant any time.

Mood & Digital Journal

Our current mood can change our perspective and outlook on a situation. Understanding our response to a problem or our interaction with others while keeping negative emotions in check can produce positive outcomes.

GRIT captures your daily mood and allows you to reflect on your feelings and thoughts. It creates a snapshot and a timeline so that you may review any trends that develop and take action to maintain or develop a more positive outlook on day-to-day activities. Features include:
  • Creating personalized avatars from the mood emojis
  • Fine-tuning current mood with relatable words
  • Digital journal for capturing the moment through word expression and pictures
  • A calendar for easy access to previous entries and mood trends

By actively participating in the Mood & Digital Journal daily, you can better understand your emotions and how they originate.

Field Test

Our goal is to help those that have served achieve success during transition and post-military life. The GRIT Field Test is a Department of Veterans Affairs/IBM project that gives Service members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their loved one's access to the GRIT mobile app.
Why should you particpate?

The goal of the field test is to evaluate the participants' use of the app by analyzing data collected using the following mechanisms:

  1. Regular Operation: Users can install and operate the app without individual instruction
  2. Feedback Collection: We can gather feedback around the user experience and suggestions for improvement
  3. Usage Analysis: Data collected helps us evaluate adoption and usage of the app and provides insight on areas of improvement
Once the field test concludes, GRIT will be released to the entire service and Veteran community.

The field test is open to transitioning Service members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their families. The field test will begin with 25,000 participants and can expand to meet demand. If you are not one of the first 25,000 participants, you will be placed on a waitlist and receive an invitation as more slots open.

In support of a successful field test, we ask that you do the following:

  • Download the GRIT app at the iOS or Google public app store. For convenience, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on this page.
  • Respond to short surveys within the app
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback to help improve the experience and functionality of GRIT

Your feedback is essential and will be used to add enhancements to GRIT throughout the entire period of the field test. Participants will receive communication of app enhancements and announcements using notification techniques from within and outside the app. We will also use navigational cards to introduce new features and get feedback. In addition, we will conduct town halls to preview improvements and to answer any questions that you may have. Finally, you may always contact our helpdesk at grit@ibm.com.

We hope you have been able to download the GRIT app and start to explore all of its features and functionality. As we are still in the field test, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement. We have engineered several ways to provide us with your thoughts and firsthand experiences to do so. These feedback channels gather as much feedback from our users as possible to help us continue to improve and better serve the Veteran population.

  • In-App Surveys: We will push a new survey to you every month via a card on your dashboard. The survey should take under 10 minutes to complete, and all survey responses are confidential.
  • Dashboard Feedback: A dashboard card will be available to all app users to allow instant feedback to us directly via the app.
  • GRIT Service Desk: As always, please feel free to call or email our help desk with any questions, comments, or “contact GRIT”
We are using your survey responses, calls to the help desk, and feedback to update the GRIT app by enhancing the user experience and making the app more reliable.

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